Seventeenth-Century Spanish Poetry

por: Arthur Terry

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Seventeenth-Century [COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important][COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important]Spanish[/COLOR][/COLOR] Poetry
By Arthur Terry

Product Description:
This is the first comprehensive study in English of one of the most important bodies of verse in European literature. Seventeenth-century Spanish poetry represents the culmination of a rich [COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important][COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important]Renaissance[/COLOR][/COLOR] tradition, and Professor Terry sets out to make this accessible not only to Hispanists but also to readers of English, French and Italian poetry, with which it had many points of contact. He deals both with the major poets of the period and with their numerous lesser-known contemporaries, paying close attention to individual poems, and pring English translations for all quotations. The [COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important][COLOR=#00AEF0 ! important]book[/COLOR][/COLOR] also raises important general issues in the light of recent criticism.

• The poetry of seventeenth-century Spain is one of the great European traditions, with numerous major and good minor poets • There is no other book available in English or Spanish pring a thorough and theoretically informed overview of the subject • This book is accessible to specialists and students, both of Spanish and of other literatures, with English translations pred for all quotations
Contents 1. The inheritance; 2. Theory and practice; 3. Luis de Góngora: the Poetry of Transformation; 4. Lope de Vega: Re-writing a life; 5. Between two centuries: from Medrano to Valdivielso; 6. Francisco de Quevedo: The force of eloquence; 7. The literary epic; 8. Plenitude and decline: from Villamediana to the second half of the century; 9. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: the end of a tradition; Epilogue; Select bibliography; Index.

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