Hello Everyone

As someone with something of an interest in politics and in particular the politics of the right. In Britain, as in Europe and the Americas, political parties associated with the right have, for many years, been dominated by the politics of liberalism and opposing the left in name only. In Britain this was exemplified by our former Prime Minister David Cameron, an ultra liberal who was the leader of the so called "Conservative" Party. Recently we have seen the rise of a more anti establishment right, as shown in the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump in the US, the rise of politicians like Marine Le Pen in France and other parts of Western Europe and politicians like Viktor Orban of Hungary being in power in Central Europe.

Whilst this political movement is happening in many parts of Europe and in the US I'm interested to know if anything like this is happening in Spain or Hispanic America. I've heard there has been some good news from South America with the Impeachment of Dilma and the fall from power of the Kirtchnerists in Argentina and the leftists in Peru. However the likes of Macri and Kuczynski give me the impression of being pro globalist liberals, which is better than socialists obviously but still not of the right.

Because I do not know the Spanish language it is difficult for me to look in to these things but having a strong interest in world politics it would be interesting to learn about it so I thought here would be a good place to ask.