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Tema: Every hispanist ought to reject Communism

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    Every hispanist ought to reject Communism

    Last night, I read the papal encyclical titled Divinis Redemptoris (Of the Divine Redeemer). I found it very interesting as I found good points. Here are the points I could find from it.

    1. Communism aims at upsetting the social order and at undermining the very foundations of Christian civilization.

    2. The roots of Communism comes from the school of thought that seeks to separate science from Christianity.

    3. The encyclical protests against the atrocities committed by leftists in Russia, Mexico, and Spain.

    4. Christian civilization is the true civitas humana.

    5. Communism is a false messianic idea based on dialectical and historical materialism.

    6. The class struggle is portrayed by communists as a crusade to improve humanity and that all those who resist such violence must be exterminated as enemies of humanity.

    7. Communism removes liberty, destroys the human personality, and removes all moral restraints. Communism places the individual as inferior compared to the collective, and natural rights are denied for the individual as well.

    8. Communists believe in absolute equality, rejects hierarchy and divinely-constituted authority, including authority from parents.

    9. Communism eliminates all forms of private property as according to communist doctrine, it is the origin of economic enslavement.

    10. It destroys the family and marriage, and denies the right of education to parents.

    11. Communism is a system filled with errors that is opposed to both reason and Divine Revelation.

    12. Few people understand the true nature of communism with the majority being deceived by it due to its extravagant promises.

    13. The Communists take advantage of promoting racial conflicts, political divisions and opposition to reach power.

    14. A large section of the non-Catholic press of the world is in a world conspiracy against the Christian social order by being silent against Russian communism, the horrors in Mexico and the Spanish red terror. This silence hides the horrors behind Communism.

    15. The communists uses a lot of money, resources and propaganda to spread their ideology around the world.

    16. Due to its materialism and terrorism, the communists will not be able to achieve their goals, as even the comrades are killing each other.

    17. The poor are easy prey for communism due to their extreme need, and agitators are able to rile them up with envy of the rich to seize their wealth by force. The priest needs to tend to the poor and working man to warn them of the dangers of communism.

    18. When society becomes de-christianized, materialism grows, and it is from this materialism that communism emerges from.

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    Re: Every hispanist ought to reject Communism

    Libros antiguos y de colección en IberLibro
    Communism is intrinsically evil, as Pius XI said.

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