A Message to Filipinos

As the usual nuisance of Philippine election is set to take place, Filipinos’ hope for a new leader that would lead them to a new dawn are intact. In fact, unscathed, making the current crisis have little to no impact on Filipinos positivity. Despite the unscientific mandates and draconian lockdowns handed to them, the Filipino spirit is more unyielding than ever. It is the spirit we inherited from Christianity and Spain, regardless of how the modern Filipino sees our past. None can deny that Christianity shaped Filipinos’ everyday way of life and thinking whilst Spain gave a true and unified identity that would carry us up to this present moment.

While we Filipinos continue our battle forward, we cannot survive let alone win without understanding the danger we face at the present time, Majority do not see the dangers of unrestrained Liberalism and the false promise of Communism. These threats are looming while we are preoccupied on «who» to vote on, which candidate is more relatable and which conforms more to the masses. When we equip ourselves with these wrong inclinations without protecting ourselves with proven principles from Christianity and followed by the lack of understanding of what transpired in human history, our confidence with authorities and government are always at stake and confusion is just second nature. This is where the divide and conquer paradigm sets in, it lures us to a different grasp of reality, the false dichotomies we are to force to side with fomenting an uprising and revolution; and we all know where it leads, it is for the dissolution of our society to cater the takeover of our adversaries with the full consent of the majority.

As time marches on, we are about to lose who we are, our culture, our way of life and God. Meanwhile, steady and precise plans for the takeover doesn’t stop from reaching its ultimate control. We need to wake up from this slumber and start defending ourselves and society, and we can only defend it when we stop confusing ourselves; Confusion only happens when we set aside our true identity, we are a Catholic nation because of Mother Spain, we are Filipinos because of Mother Spain, not everything was perfect during the Spanish Era, as Heaven is the only perfect place, The City of God, but they have gifted us civilization. we became too ungrateful and oblivious to the point we are destroying the most important aspect of life we possess. We are about to give up our sovereignty for the sake of modernity and «progress». Our adherence to false philosophies and ideas, fabricated stories and exaggerated propagandas are what made these threats and dangers close to happening.

The only temporal and political remedy is the acceptance of Christ as its King and a just social order will soon follow, The only proven solution for a paganic and materialistic society fully realized in Spain and Europe for millenia. While it is true that the real solution only comes from God hence «Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save». He won’t allow His children in a state of a total disorder thus as the perfect Filipino saying goes «Nasa Diyos ang awa, Nasa Tao ang gawa». that God works through us and His chosen instruments to carry out His mission for the common good and salvation of many souls. We need to restore Christ and His principles in our society and everyday living, if we truly yearn for a better tomorrow in this world and on to the next. This coming election, it’s either you participate from the same old tactics from the liberals, the peddlers of most modern errors or start being the wise Filipino that you were destined to be, Catholic and Hispanic.

The Virtues of Christianity are infused in our Filipino spirit that we have inherited, in fact it stands through the test of time and adversities. We were led astray by false promises because we have forgotten what it is to be a true Filipino and even more now when we try to find solutions from the spirit of the age and not from God. So again, It is in our hands to carry forward the banner of Christ, the same banner that Spain carried all throughout history or carry someone else’s flag and become their servant.

Renzó Medina, Círculo Carlista de Felipe II de Manila.