Slavery, the myths between the North and the South

Vicksburg, Mississippi

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Dear North American reader,

The topic of slavery in the United States of America is a very controversial one. Personally I believe, the confusion in who did what and how and for how long seems to be intentional in order to protect and promote a very specific set of ideas and values Americans are to entertain while despising other legitimate views of history hard to acknowledge. I say «intentional» because this information produced by mainstream media creates unanimously negative attitudes towards the South, and also predisposes person’s sentiments against the southern character and its cause during the war before undiluted facts are even consider. For example, when Americans nowadays see a Confederate flag they almost immediately associate it with black slavery. However, they don’t realize that slavery in the US was an institution held under US Flag for more than 80 years. Under the confederated flag slaves were held for mere 4 years! Clearly this is a gross imbalance in how people perceive the flags over this issue.

Slave ships were owned by northern men and managed by northern men primarily from New England and New York and the slave trade was financed by northern banks. For example, by 1750 the slave trading fleet of Newport, Rhode island alone consisted of 170 slave ships capable of carrying more than 20,000 slaves to the new world each year. In contrast, no slave ships were ever chartered from a Southern port. The charters came from Boston, Newport, Providence and New York mainly.

There is also the myth that the North was not heavily involved on slavery for its own territory. At least, not even close to what the South was. However, the historic truth reveals something entirely different. The fact is that when the war broke out in April 1861 the Union had more slave states than CSA. When the south fired upon Fort Sumpter, there were 8 slave states in the union; Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri while only 7 states for the Confederacy; South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and our Lone Star of Texas.

This fact also proves that the North did not fight the war to emancipate slaves as many Americans, sadly even southerners, unfortunately believed. Lincoln and the Federal Government were hoping for the support of the border states (above cited) which depended on slave labor for economic stability. The North would have lost any hope for support from these states if it had fought for the purpose of ending slavery. Lincoln himself said before 75,000 militiamen on April 15, 1861 that he had no purpose to interfere with slavery in the states where it exists: «I have no lawful right to do so and I have no inclination to do so». The US secretary of State at that time William Seward officially declared to the ministers of foreign nations that: «The condition of slavery in the states will remain just the same whether the revolution (against the Union) will succeed or not.»

Another interesting fact is that at a conference in Washington DC on February 27, 1861 Northern delegates met and voted «against» a constitutional amendment to end slavery. In December 1861, Congress met in a session to consider several bills which would abolish slavery, particularly in the territory in «rebellion». However, the bill never passed. Why would they not vote to end slavery if this was supposedly the purpose of the war? Easy answer, the yankees wanted the profits of the slave trade first in the bank.One myth very spread out too is that the North got rid of slaves and slavery sooner than the South. The fact is that Lincoln left the slaves in the states that were still members of the Union in their bondage. The last black slaves to be freed in the South were 240 men, women and children from Charlestown, South Carolina. They were not set free until their masters were ordered to do so by the yankee union leaders after war was already over. The irony of the whole matter is that these masters were none other than black slave masters! Furthermore, few know that Ulysses Grant’s wife owned slaves all the way until the end of the war while our most admirable General Lee freed his before the war broke out.

In summary, the yankee north was deeply involved into slavery, slave and slave trade as much or more than the South. The Yankee north did not fight the war to free slaves and in fact they profited from it all the way until the end of the war.

On the issue of Irish slaves, we face a similar situation where truth has to fight the mountain of lies and myths created to avoid, explain away or to hide its very uncomfortable side.

The blacks from Africa brought by the protestant Dutch slave traders in 1619 were not the first slaves brought to America. The first slaves brought by the protestant English colonists were Catholics from Ireland, Scotland and England along with criminals. All the slaves had one thing in common, they were white and owned by white protestants. From 1558 to 1820 to openly practice Catholicism was against the law in England. Those who were caught going to Holy Mass were either fine or sent to prison. Along with legitimate criminals thousands of these imprisoned catholic Irish and English men , listed as «political prisoners», were shipped to American colonies as slaves to work off their fines, many were permanent slaves.

White catholic slaves began to arrive in Jamestown as early as 1609 by the directives of the British government (and it included men, women and children), black slaves started arriving in 1619. At the beginning only in a few numbers because they were most expensive than the catholic white slaves. From 1641 to 1652 more than 500,000 catholic Irish were killed by the protestant English soldiers and around 300,000 were sold as slaves, constituting the primary slave labor force in America during the 17th and 18th centuries. All of this came as a result of the anti-Catholic policies and conquest of Ireland promoted by wicked Cromwell.

There are many more facts and statistics that go deep into this topic but I do not want to bore you with data. I think the facts presented here show enough a very different side of the bias story and official propaganda about the North and the South.

General Etxegaray, CSA