Independence or Destruction?

Publicado Por: C. CARLISTA FELIPE II DE MANILAjunio 13, 2022

Today is the 124th anniversary of the Philippines since they became independent from the government of the Spanish Catholic Monarchy in 1898, the liberals and revolutionaries are celebrating, praising the works of their forefathers who fought against Spain, and honoring their heroes in that godless revolution. All revolutions since the time of the so called «Enlightenment» are a direct revolt against God, the Philippine revolution was inspired from the ideas of those in France and the Americas, carrying their masonic banner under the trilemma of «Liberté, Égalite, Fraternité». As Catholics, we cannot remain indifferent from our history and principles, indifferentism is just one of the poison of liberalism that are rampant in today’s society.

Basically, the revolutionaries wanted to oust the Catholic friars whom they believe governing the Islands indirectly as they call it «Frailocracia en Filipinas» (friar-rule) as Marcelo H. Del Pilar wanted to prove in his writings on it. No wonder that the revolutionaries supported the foundation of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente of a bad excommunicated priest Gregorio Aglipay. And who will forget the fictional character of Padre Damaso from the novel of Jose Rizal Noli me tangere that became the objective figure of all Catholic priest in the Philippines? We also include the work of Graciano Lopez Jaena Fray Botod (Big – Bellied Friar) portraying the Spanish friars as greedy, corrupt, hypocrite, gluttonous, and lustful.The liberals knew that without the aid of the Church, they can easily conquer the Spaniards or even to occupy those position without planning any revolt. The propaganda of the Filipino nationalists and Anglo-Saxon Imperialism are still widely rampant till now against the Spaniards and Catholic Church.For almost 400 years the Spanish Catholic Monarchy worked successfully by propagating the Catholic faith, educating the natives to highly advanced education, perfecting the local languages, developing local customs and privileges and by reunited all the tribal kingdoms in the Islands into one single kingdom (Reino de Filipinas) under the Spanish Catholic Monarchy and called it Las Islas Filipinas. The Philippines itself is a creation of Spain, what all we see, feel, hear, and touch inside of this Islands were because of the efforts of Spain, so we are always belong to them in the moral sense, and all Spains are delivered to us, so that we may become one as Claro M. Recto said «Spanish has become ours, our own consubstantial, for reasons of the present and for the demands of the future, that without it the inventory of values of our cultural heritage would be greatly diminished and all future foreshadowing of our nationality disjointed…».

By the virtue of the three Papal Bulls Inter Caetera, Eximias Devotionis and Dudum siquidiem, the holy pontiff consecrated the rights of the Spanish Catholic monarchs to «And, in order that you may enter upon so great an undertaking with greater readiness and heartiness endowed with the benefit of our apostolic favor, we, of our own accord, not at your instance nor the request of anyone else in your regard, but of our own sole largess and certain knowledge and out of the fullness of our apostolic power, by the authority of Almighty God conferred upon us in blessed Peter and of the vicarship of Jesus Christ, which we hold on earth, do by tenor of these presents, should any of said islands have been found by your envoys and captains, give, grant, and assign to you and your heirs and successors, kings of Castile and Leon, FOREVER, together with all their dominions, cities, camps, places, and villages, and all rights, jurisdictions, and appurtenances, all islands and mainlands found and to be found, discovered and to be discovered towards the west and south, by drawing and establishing a line from the Arctic pole, namely the north, to the Antarctic pole, namely the south, no matter whether the said mainlands and islands are found and to be found in the direction of India or towards any other quarter, the said line to be distant one hundred leagues towards the west and south from any of the islands commonly known as the Azores and Cape Verde». (Inter Caetera).

The Philippines today which is «Independent» from Spain, that is a Republic, will suffer greater destruction by cutting its communion to Eternal Spain, as were warned by Padre Francisco Fordada: «But alas! beloved Filipinos; go now, and break the ties that bind you to the Catholic Kings of Spain, and you will see how instantly freedom of worship, religious wars, ignominy, superstition, idolatry, the fables of Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed They will once again extend the darkness and shadows of everlasting death over your islands. For this sole benefit and advantage of Catholic unity, you must remain eternally united with Spain. Africa was Catholic: in the time of St. Augustine there were more than four hundred Bishops. It fell into the power of the Vandals and the Muslim Arabs, it lost the union with the Roman Emperors and Pontiffs, and with it the Christian faith and civilization; became a barbarian people. Such would happen to the Philippines, the day the bond of union with mother Spain would be broken!».

Aren’t we seeing this today? Or do we need to wait for the greater punishment of God to befall on us before we wake up from our illusions that we can go by the times? How were the Philippine islands unified? How were the Filipino people born? It was born under the Spanish Catholic monarchy, under the idea of Isabel, the works of Carlos I and Felipe II. The Filipino people were born of the monarchy, as Spaniards, it’s our nature. Remember that in Christian doctrine, when man departs from his nature, terrible things happen to him. Hasn’t that happened to us?

«The successful Revolution of 1896 was masonically inspired, masonically led, and masonically executed, and I venture to say that the first Philippine Republic of which I was its humble President, was an achievement we owe largely to Masonry and the masons» (Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy).

Cheers to the Filipino Catholics who are hypocritically celebrating this event!

Lawrence Cawas,

Círculo Tradicionalista Felipe II de Manila