Religious Indifferentism and the British Monarchy

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Publicado Por: C. CARLISTA FELIPE II DE MANILA septiembre 16, 2022

The Indifferentism of our time is greater than in the past centuries, it tends to unite all the people under the hidden religion of Liberalism. Instead of getting back to Catholic Unity, they sustain the opposite which is under the single belief that man has a subjective truth in his reason, that can be false to others and true to him. For this reason, the Catholics were greatly influenced, tainted and possessed this heretical principle of Indifferentism, even without fully knowing them. This heresy put the Catholic sword down and embraced the so called «separated brethren» be it for human respect or diplomacy sake. Historically, it is rooted in the Treaty of Westphalia, a truce between the Catholics and Protestants, which brought greater damage upon the Catholic Church than us to them. Now, men whatever of his religion or professed creed are friends to each other, some admired and praised even the highest authorities of the false religions, mixed marriages resulted in every family in the Christian society.

Pope Gregory XVI in Mirari Vos called Indifferentism as «another abundant source of evils with which the Church is afflicted». The Church is afflicted means the faithful are already taking part of it as if nothing wrong about it nor even a big deal. But it is, it kills the Catholic piety of religion, that as Catholics we are obliged to convert them rather than tolerate their erroneous and heretical beliefs. Because of the faithful’s indulgence of this evil, more and more we are adding to the burden of the Church. Added by our holy pontiff Gregory XVI: «this perverse opinion is spread on all sides by the fraud of the wicked who claim that it is possible to obtain the eternal salvation of the soul by the profession of any kind of religion, as long as morality is maintained». The misinterpreted virtue of «charity» of those who want to justify their acts of accomplices towards the members of the false religions. Forgetting the words of St. Pius X that «the primary duty of Christian Charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas». A true charity will make them realize their errors than to approve it by our shameless human respect. In this time of great crisis that endangers our soul, every Catholic has a duty to know his faith. In this present confusion, one must consult the age-old wisdom of the saints, the fathers and the popes.

Such zealous sympathy is unimaginable mostly to a deceased heretic «monarch». Who would think that in the 21st century, traditionalist Catholics were showing great praise of the then iconic figure Elizabeth, being indifferent to her religion, crimes against Christendom, and damage brought by her reign? The same Catholics who denounce the mistakes of the Second Vatican Council, as to prevent heresies and religious indifferentism now pretended with the great zeal of admiration, with immense sentimental value for Elizabeth, queen of the heretics, of the Western Anglo-Saxon Protestant, whom ancestors uprooted the English Catholic Monarchy in the bosom of the Catholic religion.

It is at this time, a great sadness was shown upon in the situation, because of the indulgence of the faithful to the current emotion of the world, made them forget their own catechism, their history and their faith! In the name of «charity» ―they say―, «can we just pray for her and mourn?» But, is it really a charity? Let us recall the words of St. Francis de Sales on this point, he tells us that «it is our duty to denounce as strongly as we can heretical and schismatic sects and their leaders. It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep, wherever he is».( Introduction to the Devout Life, III, 29). The first duty of charity is to unmask the wolf in sheep’s clothing.Do they even remember those evils that this lady made during her entire lifetime? Justice must be served as what mercy be given. Did our church fathers, saints and previous popes show such great entrainment for mercy when they heard the news of some heretic leaders passing away? Of course, these saints had always prayed during their lifetime unceasingly the conversion of heretics or schismatics or infidel, but after many prayers and without any remorse or sign of conversion during the lifetime of a heretic who died, what did our forefathers do? Let us hear it from St. John Eudes: «When, therefore, you observe that those who believe not in the Church, practice some good works, offer many prayers, and lead an austere life, do not believe that they are on this account on the way of salvation, unless they have true faith; you commit an enormous sin if you believe that they can be saved outside of the Church; that they can have faith without believing in her, or that they can be saved without the faith». In the case of the death of Elizabeth «II», seeing the whole situation, I hope for the salvation of her soul but we cannot deny nor have an excuse for what evils she did. Let us put away our emotions above our reasons for it will endanger our soul as to engage in religious indifferentism of our time!

Lawrence Cawas

Círculo Carlista Felipe II de Manila