In one of the most stunning remarks in the Church of England's 1500 year history, current Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams ceded centuries of ideological ground to marauding Muslim demands without even a fight.

Rowan actually said that, "the introduction in Britain of some aspects of sharia law was unavoidable."

Britons are rightfully outraged. Based on the high volume of protest hurled at the Archbishop, many are not only convinced his statements are untrue, but are quite willing to take action to prevent such paganry to rule the people of England.

Williams later defended his statements by saying, he was "exploring ways in which reasonable accommodation might be made within existing arrangements for religious conscience" and his core aim was "to tease out some of the broader issues around the rights of religious groups within a secular state".

What the good, most and right reverend ought to do is check his history books a little and see that Islam does not have the heretofore: "conscience." Or perhaps he could simply turn on the news - any channel, any day.

As for the "rights of religious groups within a secular state, " what about a group that hates the state, that is diligently seeking to overthrow the state and would love to kill all its citizens; how many rights should such people have, according to the good bishop?

Though Mr. William's kindness is noble, it seems that he is blissfully unaware of the nature of the snake that has woven its way into many aspects of British society, and he is bending over backwards to try to make accommodations for it. "Sure, Mr. Snaik," says the archbishop, "Come in and lie down and make yourself comfortable. Why, you can sleep right here in this young child's crib."

Why should any society make accommodations for those who would seek to overthrow it? In fact are not those people who seek to overthrow England and other western countries actually, then, the enemies of the host country? And how should a state deal with its enemies, from those who seek to change its laws or kill its citizens? Should the state invite such enemies into the homes of her people?

A millennia ago, the Archbishop's forerunners also were confronted with the scourge of Islam, when it once before sought to conquer Europe. Fortunately previous generations of Brits were braver and more insightful than Mr. Williams as they aggressively went to the middle east and gave the muslims the kind of whatfor that they were asking for.

I doubt many of those who gave their lives on such battlefields would be too proud of the Archbishop's current attempts at secession or surrender.