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  1. Milesian, thanks for replying. I asked merely out of curiousity since religion, comparatively, has always been a topic of interest to me. Roman Catholicism is one of the religions that has always intrigued me, somewhat due to my own past as a Protestant Christian and somewhat due to the monolithic nature that the Church has in the history of the Occident. I understand what you seem to imply (that traditionalist parishes are few and far betweenl in my hometown there are two such parishes I believe) and that you'd like a fuller immersion within the sacred. Thanks for replying and Merry Christmas to you!
  2. Apologize for the delay in answering your question. The daily battles have been quite time consuming and I have recently just returned from a visit to Europe. I'm a cradle Catholic however before I was introduced to the traditional forms of Catholicism I was truly uninterested and in many ways turned off by the Church. I'm a practicing Roman Catholic and I'm interested and have grown the most spiritually in a traditionalist Catholic setting. Unfortunately though on many occasions I have to settle for the local run of the mill parish due to distances and time constraints. Ideally though I would attend a Tridentine or traditional Mass which orients one to the good, the beautiful and the sacred. Blessings to you during this season of Advent Best,
  3. Regards, thanks for the addition. May I ask a question if it isn't improper: are you a Tridentine Catholic or familiar with it? My background is Protestant, Methodism, but I've always had an interest in Catholicism- particularly the more traditional forms of Catholicism. I hope you're doing well.
  4. I've just checked facebook but I no longer see it It was simply a community that I had joined; I don't remember who the moderator was. Maybe we should start our own community/page!
  5. Is your Hiberno-Hispania facebook page still alive?
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