The Disturbing Things Catalan Separatists Do

They mean no harm, but they are nuts.

We catalans are quite normal, conventional guys. We enjoy family life, cultivate true friendship and cherish -if we are lucky enough to have one- our jobs. Oh, and we love good food and wine -Spanish ones, please. You are right, we also like football; in fact, most of us are crazy about it.
The nationalists among us are no different. It is only they take a strange pleasure in whining. And lately, they do really weird things. Definitely not the kind of things you see in the democratic Western world. And most of them quite unfortunate because they make it difficult not to draw somber, shameful comparisons.
We keep telling them not to do it -they look really ugly for us catalans-, but it seems they just can not help it. So there you go. Have a look and meditate on how whacko our separatists are getting around here.
The catalan separatist flag (aka the cubana flag) was invented in 1918 by a guy that liked to sign as VICME (“Hail to the Independence of Catalonia and Death to Spain”). The nazi flag, from 1920, was created by another peace-loving, responsible adult: Adolf Hitler

Our separatists disregard the traditional catalan flag and -who knows why- love to display giant cubana flags. A hobby shared by Chinese communists. Aren´t they cute?

The separatist´s obsession with inventing flags -and History- never ends. Their new creation, the black separatist flag, to convey a commitment to “fight to death” for secession. Interestingly, 13 villages have already agreed to display it. The nice guys from the SS and the Islamic State also liked it black.

Of course, separatists need an enemy. It is helpful to win votes, isn´t it? The regional government sponsored a twisted seminar named “Spain vs Catalonia”. Whining? Who is whining?

In the midst of an economic crisis, what could work better than claiming that others are responsible for our gloom? It works for the Lega Nord in Italy. So somebody must be stealing from us catalans. Guess who? Bingo!

Use a political symbol -like the cubana- to parasitise popular celebrations. I know, it its not new. But it worked then, didn´t it?

Remember having seen something like that in your country in the last…centuries?

Torch marches. A must. Provides a great atmosphere and energises the militants. Doesn´t it happen in all civilised countries?

More performances. We are not individuals but a mass…wait: a People…wait: an Opressed People! Seen some of it in Europe or America lately?

A must: the stadium rally. Most catalans go to the stadiums just for football. Well, our separatists friends go there to shout nutty lines.

The new separatist fashion is to build human Vs. Again, nothing new under the sun. Couldn´t they have tried Cs or Rs…or Ws?

“One country, one language, one school”. Today the school is only in catalan language… except for 3 hours of Spanish…A WEEK. (Of course the separatist leaders take their sons to expensive, private trilingual schools). Don´t you dare changing it, you traitor!!

Like most strong personalities, our regional president Mr Artur Mas has an arm&hand pathology: he is unable to extend his thumb, so deep is his love for the four bars of our flag. The Muslim Brotherhood militants suffer from the same handicap. Other nice guys had similar difficulties.

Money makes the world go round. In our case mr Jordi Pujol, the catalan nationalist leader that ruled for three decades just confessed to have had a fortune in a tax heaven…for 35 years. Coming from the middle class, his estimated family wealth is €1,8 billion, the 7th Forbes´ List fortune in Spain. We know, we know, the Marcos had a little more, but we catalans like to play it low profile.

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