"I think the spanish friars from colonial days were brutal to filipinos, 'diba?" wrote a certain, but familiar, Gorio.

And we also ask:

What about the present day WASPo Neocolonialism that causes the national poverty of present day Filipinos? Is that not the more brutal to Filipinos of today and tomorrow?

The friendly advise is merely: "You bether re-think about what you mistakenly think of the Spanish friars so that you will stop being sectarian. Or else you will always be exposed as an ignoramus about what is Filipino."

Except for Protestant and Masonic tracks against them, there is no real nor factual proof, or a documented formal case, against what is being said as the Spanish Friar's "brutality to Filipinos". But we have the real and factual proof against the US WASpo invasion of these Islands and the accompanying brutalities and genocide of the US WASP that massacred and murdered three million native Filipinos out of the nine or ten million population that this country had between 1890 and 1898. These brutalities even come with photographs and authenticated documents!

NO. The Spanish friars were never brutal to Filipinos. There is no real document to that effect. To therefore say so is to show brutal sectarism and a deliberate ignorance about the really good and unselfish things they did for these Islands and its native peoples between 1571 and 1900.

While Protestant and Masonic missionaries, by and large, brought US WASP economic neocolonialism and exploitation, which burden today the vast majority of Filipinos with endless economic poverty and ignorance about themselves, the Spanish Friars brought to native Filipinos maize or corn, rice irigation, the plow (araro), the carabao (from Vietnam), the horse (from Spain and China) and such cash crop products like sugarcane, tobacco, mani (peanut), cacao (chocolate) and the couffee bean that has enriched the vast majority of Filipinos economically and diet-wise.

The Friars also brought to the native Filipinos the potatoe, the camote, the onion, the tomatoe, lanca, calabaza, caimito, guava, guayababano, santol, macopa, ceresa, sayote, atis and citrus toronjas to improve their daily diet and save them from hunger at absolutely no monetary expense to them.

On the other hand, it is the WASPos and their Protestant and Masonic missionaries that now exploit economicaly the native Filipinos making them pay an imposed foreign debt, exhaorbitantly expensive electricity and potable water aside from exhorbitantly expensive medicines and gasoline and other petroproducts that send vast numbers of Filipinos to the poor house or keep them forever nailed in their squatter colonies amid the tall buildings of the corrupt "investros and politicians" most of whom are also the real exploiters and thieves partnering with WASPo transnationals.

Kung tuosin, walang binigay ang mga Protestanteng Kano, mga WASPo, sa mga katutubong Filipino kungdi kahirapan sa pamaguitan ng mahal na kuryente, tubig, gasolina, gamot, pagkain at kamangmañgan tungkol sa sarili nilang kultura at kasaysayan. Ang katutubong Filipino ay alipin ñgayon sa mga bansang arabo bilang mga Oversea workers dahil walang trabaho sa sariling bayan. At ito ay gawa ng mga WASPo sa kanila. Madali itong patunayan. Bobo o bulag lamang ang ayaw idilat ang mata sa ganitong karumaldumal na katotohanan.

Yung mga PINÓY na walang alam ang pumapanig lamang sa mga Kano at patuloy sa pagbatikos sa mga Fraile o Prayleng español dahil sa mga kasinuñgaliñgan na tinuro sa kanila bilang mga Protestante't mga Mason na galit sa mga Fraileng español dahil ito sila ang nagdala sa kapuluan ng Relihiyong Católica. Galit at ingguit lang ang mga Sectaryong ito dahil inunahan sila ng mga Fraileng Español sa pagdala dito ng Cristianismo. At ang galit na ito ay nabubuo sa bulag nilang SECTARISMO na minana nila, nitong mga iilang mga PINOY, sa mga Kanong WASPo na kanilang lubusang pinaniniwalaan hanggang ñgayon. LOL! At LOL dahil sila'y mga inulol!

LA CAMPAÑA SECTARIA CONTRA LOS FRAILES ESPAÑOLES DE AYER sigue adelante hasta nuestros días porque el sectarismo protestante sigue adelante con su campaña de mentiras sobre la historia de estas islas. Ya hemos señalado en varios otros escritos del pasado este problema entre los filipinos americanizados por el sectarismo protestante y masónico a través de nuestros libros de historia impuestos en nuestras escuelas públicas por el necolonialismo WASP usense. Lo que arriba ponemnos en inglés y tagalo son las mismas refutaciones de siempre contra sus mentiras y maldad.

Guillermo Gómez Rivera

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Gorio has left a new comment on your post "CARLOS CELDRÁN AND OUR "CATHOLIC" ENGLISH SPEAKING...":

I think the spanish friars from colonial days were brutal to filipinos, 'diba?

Posted by Gorio to FILHISPÁNICO at October 3, 2010 9:52 PM



AS we thank him, Gorio, for his thoughts, we will put our answers in-between what he wrote. GGR


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To: "Guillermo Gomez-Rivera"

"I read your blog and it does make me think. However the friars and the Anglos were completely different colonizers....."

Gorio: That is good if I made you think. But then we also know that the Anglos were a completely different colonizer vis-a-vis the Spanish friars and conquistadores. Yes they built infrastructures as you say, but at the expense of their colonized wards, i.e. the Filipinos, who have to submit to the imposition of foreign debts, through the intimadations done on their country's Presidents, and pay high interests on these foreign loans. The Spanish Friars did not extract, never extracted, payment for the cash crops plants they introduced into our islands with high interest rates. And that is one of the main differences between the WASPo exploiters and the Spanish Friars.

"The Friars were interested in converting souls. Yes, they did bring different plants and things from Mexico on the Galleons. "

Well, yes they did, but as I pointed out, they are not collecting today any interest for the different plants (like sugarcane, togbaco, corn, peanuts, cacao, coufee bean, etc.) that they gave to the native Filipinos in the past. The WASPos are collecting from our national budget today what they supposedly placed here as infrastructure through the pork barrel of our present day English spokening politicians who are branded as corrupt. And the WASPos get as high as 73% of the present Filipino annual (YEARLY!) NATIONAL BUDGET THAT IS NOW IN THE TRILLIONS!
THAT IS THE OTHER DIFFERENCE MAKING THE WaspOS THE DESPICABLE exploiters that they really are! And the Spanish friars turn out to be SAINTS in this comparision! Yet, they are accused of brutality! Can you beat that!

"The Anglos, organized and built and infrastructure. That's what Anglos do."

And, I repeat, the Anglos DEMAND PAYMENT with usurious INTERESTS for the infrastructure they inspire through our corrupt politicans and their pork barrel in a democracy they said they taught Filipinos to practice. THAT is the DIFFERENCE! AND THE DIFFERENCE REVEAL THE WASPos AND THEIR PINOY ilk AS PLAINLY evil!

Ano ba tayo dito bulag? Bobo? Walang alam tulad sa mga humahañga ng maldemonyong katiwalian ng mga explotadores ng mga WASPos?

"Look where Spain colonised, and where Britain and the US colonised. Vastly different places. The British built a rail system in India. The Kano's built road in the Philippines, Post Offices, school etc. Spain: Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Central America etc...."

YES. but the Indians had to build and pay for that railway system that helped British economic exploitation of India. For if that railway system was given to the Indians as the Friars gave away corn, sugarcane, etc. to the native Filipinos, there would be no revolution against Britain on the part of one Gandhi. And if there was a Revolution against Spain in Filipinas it was Masonically inspired as admitted by Preidente Emilio Aguinaldo. And there is the Filipino VOLUNTARIOS who sided with Spain here forcing the Aguinaldo Government to parley and sign the Pacto de Biaknabato that ended the revlution against Spain. It was US WASPo intervention that got Aguinaldo to re-start the revolution against Spain bust as an ally of the US WASPo invader who, later, betrayed him and the Filipinos and provoked the Filipino American WAR that massacred 3 million Filipinos and stole their gold and silver reserve worth One hundred Billion Dollars! That is the other differnce Filipinos today do not see for reasons we already know!

"Yes, Anglos were brutal too, and yes insensitive. However most poverty stems from lack of opportunity or too many children."

NO. The line about poverty steming from lack of apportunity and too many children" is a pretty lame line of reasoning against the core theme we are treating about the Spanish friars. Lack of opportunity is due to US WASPo neocolonialism and compulsory English (at the expense of Tagalog and Spanish) that impoverishes Filipinos. And the tack about "too many children" is also an offshoot from the ignorance spawned by our ONLY and Compulsory English use and the cultural distortions it imposes upon the unwary Filipinos of today.

The attacks against the Spanish Friars can be very well defended. It is the DEFENSE OF THE EVIL WASPos that CAN NOT BE DEFENDED. SO, stop wasting time defending them WASPos and their local ilk here who are the evil that oppress Filipinos since 1900 up to the present time of 2010. ¡Eso está muy claro!

"Sorry, but that is my opinion. maraming salamat!"

OOPs. I am the one who is really sorry for Filipinos who have an opinion like yours. It is that kind of opinion, born out of a destructive colonial mentality vis-a-vis the WASPos, that is the cause of bakwardness in the Philippines of our days.

Guillermo Gómez Rivera